Sharing AND scaring is caring. So this video is all about the best horror games to play with friends for Halloween 2021.

The Halloweeen season has arrived and those who love orange and black can rejoice once more that their colours have come back into style. Horror games are spooky fun all year, but during October they’re a must. But what if you don’t want to face the lone fear of a survival horror game? Well the good news is that there are plenty of scary games that you can play with friends. And while some of them aren’t mega scary as you mow down hordes of zombies, others are absolutely heart-poundingly terrifying.

So here are the best horror games to play with friends in 2021:

Intro 00:00
1 Phasmophobia 01:08
2 Friday the 13th: The Game 01:53
3 Dark Pictures Anthology 02:52
4 World War Z: Aftermath 03:39
5 7 Days to Die 04:25
6 Back 4 Blood 05:14
7 Dead by Daylight 06:04
8 Aliens: Fireteam Elite 07:00
9 Hunt Showdown 07:43
Outro 08:31

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