An Alien Abduction Horror Game Where You Actually Experience a Fourth Kind Encounter – They Are Here: Alien Abduction Horror
Welcome to They Are Here: Alien Abduction Horror, a first-person horror game where you experience a true encounter of the fourth kind. It’s currently just a demo, but it’s amazing to see a true UFO/close encounter horror game. Let’s play They Are Here: Alien Abduction Horror!

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About They Are Here: Alien Abduction Horror:
“They Are Here” – is a first-person horror story about a journalist who witnessed an alien encounter at the Grayswood farm. Explore the area armed with a flashlight. Take photos of evidence of aliens presence and get to the bottom of the horrifying truth.

• Explore. Light the path with a torch. Look into dark barns and cruise the night fields.
• Take pictures. Photograph the evidence of alien presence and paranormal activity.
• Study. Find the records of the Sherman family and learn the horrifying truth.


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