From the spooky to the absolute grotesque, here’s the best horror games to scare yourself with right now.

Horror comes in so many tormenting forms. It can be psychological like Alan Wake, ghostly like Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, or over-the-top and fantastical like Resident Evil Village. Then, there’s games so scary, that you’ll be wincing every step of the way like in At Dead Of Night. With so many scary games on offer, Kurt Indovina put together a list of the best horror games to scare yourself stupid with right now. After all, it is Halloween season.

00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Alan Wake Remastered
01:20 – At Dead Of Night
04:45 – Phasmaphobia
06:14 – Resident Evil Village
07:13 – I-Spy Spooky Mansion

I-Spy Spooky Mansion video credit: