PC Gameplay. Full Game Walkthrough. I might be dead, but my copy lives on in a rather horrifying, corporate, digital world…

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Thank you for choosing Everlast — where death is just a new beginning.™ Get ready to enter a playground full of infinite options for your digitized mind. We’re honored that you’ve chosen to store your consciousness with us. Because you deserve an afterlife full of possibility. Your account activation will begin shortly. Restriction may apply. Afterlife membership tier eligibility is contingent on past behavior in digital spaces. Welcome! 👋

Everlast is an FMV game in which you play as a recently-deceased person being onboarded to a new virtual existence. All the characters in the game were generated using artificial intelligence.

Writing, design, code & video production by Nadya Lev
Made with the Charles Engine FMV Toolkit available at Unity Asset Store
Starring “Christina” and “Jonathan” AI avatars from Synthesia.io
Inspired by: Permutation City by Greg Egan and Welcome to Life by Tom Scott
Special thanks to Nicole, Lee, Bryce, Courtney, Star, Pat, Soav, and Ondrej

#IndieGames #Everlast

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