New PC Gameplay. Full Walkthrough. An urbex vlogger heads to a vacant and decaying mansion where a horrific tragedy occurred…

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You are a popular Urbex vlogger whose channel revolves around exploring abandoned and “paranormal” places. For your newest video, you are going to film in a vacant and decaying mansion in which, many years earlier, a horrific tragedy occurred. However, you quickly come to realize that things are a bit different from your other expeditions. The stories about this home seem to be true…

The Dire is a psychological found footage horror game that revolves around main character Dean Holt and a dark and deserted mansion. You will explore the grim history of the decrepit home and experience first hand what has been left inside of it all these years

The gameplay is mostly first person narrative walking simulator with elements of exploring, and interacting with environment.
Game contains voice acting, mic activation.

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