Today we talk about horror video games that are based on true events. These horror games are fan favorites such as silent hill 2, outlast 2, Granny, and many more. Enter the fantastical universe of gangly digital circus, a digital sanctuary where innovation and amusement coalesce. Immerse yourself in the whimsy of ‘The Amazing Digital Circus,’ where cute characters navigate a surreal virtual world with a touch of dark comedy.




tags: true crime, dark, morbid, Five Nights At Freddy’s, Horror games based on true events, Granny, Outlast 2, Silent hill 2

Intro 0:00
Fears to Fathom 1:29
Chernobylite 3:28
Outlast 2 4:46
Silent hill 2 7:13
Kholat 8:44
Texas chainsaw massacre Atari 2600 10:33
Granny 12:26
Five nights at Freddy’s 14:41
Outro 17:25

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