I made Among Us into a single player horror game… With a new custom Among Us map, custom mechanics, and Custom Update. After this, watch big youtubers like Ssundee and Socksfor1 who’s also played my game.

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Among You is a single-player spin-off of Among Us developed by Tokaint.

A Scary Single Player Horror Version of the Popular Mobile Game Among Us in 48 Hours! – Watch me Create it from Scratch Without Mods. Check out the video to see me make a unique spin-off of the game in a short time and leave a like and subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed it! This video is about creating a single-player horror spin-off of the popular mobile game Among Us. In just 48 hours, the developer created a unique variant of the game from scratch without using any mods! Don’t miss out on this new and innovative take on the classic game!