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There is an traitor among us, protect the astronauts solo or online in 3d horror

Join the ultimate online 3D horror game and save mini astronauts from the deadly Impostor in various game modes, solo or online multiplayer, with up to 10 players!

The game has 5 game modes!
Mafia – up to 10 players, among these players is an imposter who looks like other players. But at any moment he can turn into an imposter and catch other players! Use a vote to determine who the imposter is and kick him out. Be careful and collect all the babies.
PvE – play with friends against an imposter controlled by the computer.
PvP – PvP – spacemen against the imposter in an online multiplayer mode, players play for the imposter
Zombie – Infestation mode, anyone caught by the imposter also becomes an imposter.
Hide and Seek – In it you have to hide behind an astronaut and hold out until the end of the round. Collecting babies in this mode is not necessary.

● Game Name – Imposter 3D: Online Horror

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β–  Gameplay By – Mia
β–  Edited By – Mia
β–  Thumbnail By – Valington

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