Poppy Playtime and the Ever-Growing Problem with Horror Games for Kids

I decided to try something new, and what’s newer than going over a popular video game genre that has recently been marred in controversy. Poppy Playtime has gotten in quite some heat, and when researching for that video I became super interested in Five Night’s at Freddy’s, Hello Neighbor, and this whole horror games for kids genre in general and decided to add a bit more to this. What started off with humble beginnings to make the best horror game possible soon turned its own massive video game horror genre in of itself, and now that genre seems to be testing its limits as Poppy Playtime hasn’t exactly been the best example to lead by. Today we will go over the horror games for kids video game genre, starting from the very beginning all the way until now, and see why there is a problem slowly building up the past few months.

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00:00 – Intro
00:48 – A Small History of Horror Games
02:41 – Lets Play Slender
09:37 – Five Nights at Freddy’s Sets the Standard
14:23 – Horror Games for Kids Blow Up
20:31 – Hello Neighbor Stumbles
26:40 – Poppy Playtime, Enchantedmob, and Shady Practices
38:38 – The Ever-Growing Problem with Horror Games for Kids