ight in this episode of GTA 5 RP aka GTA 5 roleplay long story short i went and bought a trackhawk in LA. Then i went to sell it. but i put a tracker on it so i can steal it right back! Cops did get involved and long story short it was demon hours with fade baby. blah blah blah blah woopy woopy yall get it. luv yall if you reading this.

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The entire list of music in this video is played by Season 1-5 money Heist by the special person Named Ivan. hes a great artist please check him out

Some beats in the video were used by JP beats

Yes, This is on FiveM on PC not console. I always get asked what server i play in and its my own. New leaf city , Its a serious RP server made for content creators like myself. This isnt on console. Its on PC this that quote on quote GTA 6 trailer city cops was lit