What are the BEST VR HORROR GAMES of all time? I’ve played most of the scariest VR games across Quest 2, PCVR and PSVR, and there are tonnes of amazing ones out there, but which ones are the best? I’ve whittled it down to the top 20 BEST VR HORROR GAMES that I’ve ever played and compiled them into this list to celebrate the start of spooky season, however it doesn’t need to be Halloween to enjoy a good old fashioned VR horror game, you should be scaring yourself with these 20 VR games all year round. From Resident Evil to Alien Isolation, from ghost hunting to absolute descents into madness these are the very best VR horror games / VR quest 2 horror games I’ve ever played.

If you’re looking for scary VR games / the best VR horror games then make sure to stick around, I cover new VR games / new Quest 2 games weekly and my favourite genre is HORROR, so I’ll always be there to give you the verdict and lowdown on any new VR horror games and mods. Let me know in the comments down below if I missed any of your favourite VR horror games or Quest 2 horror games!

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