SCP is arguably by far the most popular form of video game horror in history. With that being said, it’s no stranger that a handful of developers use that and alternate the game to make their own variant. But are they any good? Specifically the Mobile game based off of it. Well, let’s find out.

-Later in the scp 682 video I was confused why the entity was able to go into acid without burning or whatnot. Now thanks to the comments I know why (so pls stop correcting me thank you)

-It would seem that a lot of the comments got the memo that I assumed SCP:CB was the first form/creation of the scp foundation. This is obviously not true and didn’t mean to imply it if I did.

Playlist for all music pieces in the video

0:00 – Intro
1:07 – 096 Modest
5:15 – SCP 682
8:21 – 087 Road to Hell
10:37 – SCP: CB (Unofficial)
13:01 – Conclusion